Technical Assistance for the Strategic Plan of public-private cooperation of Emasesa

Project Description

EMASESA is the public Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Aguas de Sevilla SA. It manages the direct supply of drinking water and the public sewerage and purification service of the Andalusian capital and several nearby towns.
Qi acceded to the contract to develop the public-private cooperation strategy, mainly in the Americas-Caribbean-Pacific areas, aligned with the strategies set by the companies, financing funds and national and international multilateral organizations that operate in those areas in relation to the water supply, management, associated services and sanitation.
The strategy designed by Qi allowed EMASESA more efficient and effective technical and economic participation in the different existing cooperation programmes, networks, forums and organizations, where it participated positively identified and analysed, optimising the impact of their activities at a national and international level, enhancing its reputation and contributing to the sustainable public management.
The contract proposed a strategic action plan that included a strategic diagnosis to determine EMASESA's position in the context of multilateral cooperation, the identification of EMASESA's differentiating capabilities, a motivated proposal to boost its presence in national and international networks and the analysis of geographical areas of interest to export EMASESA's capabilities to third countries.

Project Details


Working Areas:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Good governance, social responsibility and reputation

Client: Emasesa


Start Date: 2017

End Date: 2018