Qi Arrow Assessment SL was born on February 9th 2020, with its origin in Qi Europe, being an spin-off oriented toward sustainability, it is the result of the struggle of two entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of experience looking for alternatives to traditional polluting energies, systematic depletion of resources and the dishonest management of human beings.

We believe that a sustainable economy and the generation of wealth are possible, while preserving the environment that surrounds us and treating workers fairly. Qi Arrow makes available all its experience in order to find ways of financing sustainability that facilitating ecological transition by applying the most innovative technologies for the benefit of society as a whole.

Two main activities are offered by Qi Arrow:

  • Green Consulting. Qi Arrow advises on the “Qi (vital energy flow)” transformation through environmentally but also economically sustainable business models and green initiatives.
  • Green Financing. Qi Arrow makes financial instruments available to undertake ecological transition through the EU Grants and Loans for the Green Transition, Multilateral Organizations Loans and Services for Green Actions and Venture Capital for Green Activities

Qi Arrow intends to combine sustainability and growth through appropriate business models, technology and financing. We believe in honest people and fair companies. Having solid principles is the only way of navigating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Qi Arrow’s vision goes beyond sustainability. We do not want to sustain the status quo. Instead, we envision a radically different future of free and fair companies and individuals in equilibrium with a regenerated biosphere.

Our mission is to help companies and institutions choose and execute their own roadmap towards a more positive relation with the environment and society, increasing their long-term value at the same time.

This is a time of transition from an economy characterised by traditional business models and linear consumption patterns to a decarbonised and sustainable economy based on circular use of resources and intensive digitalisation. The risk of doing nothing is too high. We understand that decarbonising the economy, digitising business, undertaking energy transition and implementing the 4th industrial revolution simultaneously is overwhelming. However, based on our extensive experience supporting technology centres, public institutions, large enterprises and SMEs, we are in a privileged position to advise our customers to meet the challenge of elaborating an ambitious yet realistic and informed response to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.